Monday, February 8, 2010

How long will latex paint last in a can?

I used the majority of it to paint my walls (approximately 4 years ago), but now I have to repaint one wall because of construction.How long will latex paint last in a can?
If the paint has no bad smell and if you can stir it to a smooth consistency, you can use it. You might have to add a little water or Floetrol, a paint conditioner that's good to use even with new paint. Feel around with your stir-stick to see if the solids have settled.

I suggest that you strain the paint in case it has any unwanted particles in it. You can either buy a cloth mesh pain strainer, or just use a cheap kitchen strainer.How long will latex paint last in a can?
it depends on storage, climate and whether or not it has been opened previously. i would by another can of paint because of the 4 year time line you've had the previous one to be safe.
it should still be good as long as NO air could enter or leave the tin
If you got a good seal on the container when you stored it, it will be OK. Just need to mix well.
If it has been sealed tight you might be OK. It could be soured in four years time. If I were you I would just go and get another can mixed of the same color. Dye lots will differ, so will the age of 4 years wear. By the time you screen the old paint through panty hose it might be better just to buy new.
If it is still liquid, it should be okay. i would strain it-paint store sells paint strainers, or use old pantyhose. either way, it should be okay.
latex is water based therefore it freezes if it's stored in unheated areas. probably died the first winter. tear off can label and go for replacement match.
If the can was sealed tightly, the paint should still be good. If it wasn't, it isn't.

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